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Peach Springs ~ Keepers

Peach Springs, Arizona, located on the longest remaining segment of Route 66, is the heart of the Hualapai Nation. This section of Route 66, that historic and iconic drive, was bypassed by Interstate 40 in 1983 leaving Peach Springs untarnished by the tsunami of the 20th century.

It was a good deed as it preserved for the adventurous the only road to the bottom of Grand Canyon. This path to the Colorado River has been known since archaic times and old roads just become new roads.

Peach Springs, Arizona, located on the longest remaining segment of Route 66, is the heart of the Hualapai Nation.

The Hualapai – “Keepers of the Canyon” – have a homeland of over one million acres. Near Quartermaster Canyon and Guano Point is Grand Canyon West and the site of the Skywalk, the glass walkway cantilevered over the canyon edge.

Near the river in Peach Springs Canyon is the site of the old Farlee Hotel. In 1893 it became the first commercial location at Grand Canyon 10 years before the South Rim hotels. Folks arrived by train on the Santa Fe Railroad and were taken by buckboard the 20 miles to the hotel – bad road – BUCKBOARD – ouch!

Peach Springs ~ Keepers

Tshirt Specifications

Front: Desert bighorn image on left crest.

Back: Map of the Hualapai Indian Reservation including Diamond Creek, Grand Canyon West and Lake Mead.

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