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Havasupai ~ Grand Canyon

The Havasupai Tribe – people of the blue/green water – are known around the world for their home in Grand Canyon. When you hike from Hilltop to Supai village, you travel the 8 ½ miles in wonder. From the trailhead, the 1000′ drop from the cliff top leads to a gradual descent into red rocks and shadow. Make the left turn into Cataract Canyon and cottonwood trees provide shelter from the sun and surround the hiker with their unmistakable fragrance mixed with water.

A culture long isolated welcomes visitors to a singular experience. Havasupai Lodge or canyon camping beckon those tired feet. Havasu Falls, iconic and blue, is just the first of three. The big drop of almost 200′ at Mooney Falls and the multiple cascades of Beaver Falls are found on the way to the Colorado River. Travertine grows on any obstacle precipitated from cool mineral rich waters forming pools, skirts, slides and dams. In the desert that is the Grand Canyon, an oasis – Havasu.

Havasupai ~ Grand Canyon

T-Shirt Specifications

Printed on 4 t-shirt colors with differing color schemes:

  1. Cardinal shirt with green, blue/gray and white designs
  2. Black shirt with orange, blue and white designs
  3. Sand shirt with red/orange, blue and black designs
  4. Maroon shirt with yellow, blue and white designs

Front: The trail to Havasupai through Hualapai Canyon.

Back: The boundary of the Havasupai Indian Nation and reference map.

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Available in sizes S – 2XL. Short sleeved shirts are available in Cardinal and Black. Long sleeve and are available colors: Cardinal, Black, Maroon, and Sand. Shirts are shown in size medium.

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