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Verde Valley ~ Central Arizona Region

The Verde River flowed South to North for millions of years before the Colorado Plateau existed. Now it is North to South, the plateau has risen, the Mogollon Rim has been named. Oak Creek runs at 90 degrees to the edge. The Verde fault exposes the floor of the ocean and its riches at Jerome propelling wealth and war. Jerome, from the largest and most influential city in the territory to a ghost in less than a century – Indian ruins to endangered species – growth to stasis – plenty to nothing. These are the stories of the Verde Valley.

Verde Valley - The spectacular red rocks of Sedona Arizona are part of this amazing area surrounding Central Arizona.

There is a valley between plateau edge and the Verde Rim – an ancient lake bed supporting megafauna. Last refuge of people in search of perennial water –trade route from ocean to inland – cultures Hohokam to Sinagua. Population influx – Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Sedona – and the resource pressures that brings. What to preserve – what to abandon?

Verde Valley ~ Central Arizona

T-Shirt Specifications

Front: Map of the Verde Valley and Central Arizona

Back: Verde River Basin map. The Verde River has been declared wild and scenic.

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