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Exploring Yellowstone

Drove to Yellowstone N.P. this month honored by an invitation from a friend. Passed Canyonlands on the way thru Grand Junction and Rifle, Colorado. North to Craig and on to Baggs and Rawlins, Wyoming. Fantastic country, forest and sage plains and on toward Lander. Crossing the route of the Overland Stage and paralleling the path taken by the ‘49ers on the way west. High plains, stark and painful and incredibly beautiful and beckoning … if you like that kind of landscape. Yellowstone was in heat … the bison rut … bison traffic jams as they streamed across the roads by the hundreds. Wolf watching at dawn. Yellowstone River gorge. Grand Tetons – sometimes the eyes and brain can receive too much stimuli like Thanksgiving dinner and then dessert. Dodged most of the people in Jackson and in general come to think of it. Memorable drive home but glad to get there. Good to be back.

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