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Thinking about the upcoming ”Leap Year” and promising to say “Yes” to as many new experiences as possible … I went and enjoyed the Rolling Stones concert in Pasadena. Just my friend and I and 60,000 other folks at the Rose Bowl. The music was good and so refreshing to see a bunch of “old guys” still together and performing. Mick is 74 and Keith Richards !…. I am reminded of driving my parents a bit crazy playing the Stones on my reel to reel tape machine…at high volume…for hours.
We took the ferry to Catalina Island and walked the streets of Avalon keeping an eye open for the bison that live on the island. No bison but lots of people. Some fog and a few hours on the beach for some sun and a plane ride home.

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It’s 2020 and at UnconformiTees we are looking forward to this “Year of the Rat”. So much help is bringing and new and improved website design and a presence on Instagram and Facebook looking for all of you out there that appreciate our designs. Our previous Map and Image designs have continued appeal however there… Trek On >>>

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